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Virtual Care in Orthodontics: What are Your Options?

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Need to see your orthodontist for a consultation? With today's technology, virtual orthodontics is an option for many. Our BC orthodontists explain what's possible with virtual care and how it can help as you progress through your orthodontic treatment.

Virtual Care in Orthodontics

COVID-19 and pandemic safety measures have brought the need for virtual orthodontics to the forefront. At My ORTHODONTIST, we're on a mission to continue providing comprehensive orthodontic care in a safe, convenient manner to our clients. That's why we offer Virtual Care

With this service, our clients can book virtual consultations to meet with their orthodontist about their treatment progress - all from the comfort and safety of home. 

As we work together to beat COVID-19, virtual dentistry and virtual orthodontics have become essential tools to help dental healthcare professionals and clients stay in contact and address issues efficiently, while helping to keep our communities safe and healthy. 

How can I get started with Virtual Care at My ORTHODONTIST? 

It's as easy as booking your first virtual consultation appointment.

Virtual Consultations

During a virtual orthodontic consultation, you'll receive preliminary treatment recommendations from one of our orthodontists.

Virtual orthodontic consultations have become possible thanks to technological advancements in the industry, and many practices adopting new ways of meeting clients' needs. We look forward to meeting you virtually!

Do you have questions about Virtual Care at My ORTHODONTIST? Contact our British Columbia orthodontists today. We look forward to addressing any inquiries you may have.

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