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Orthodontics for Children

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Orthodontics for Children

Find orthodontic services for kids as young as 5 at myORTHODONTIST. Our orthodontists can develop personalized treatment plans for children. Contact us for an early consultation today!

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Our Unique 2-Phase Approach to Children's Orthodontics

Did you know that the Canadian Association of Orthodontists recommends that every child visit an orthodontist before age 7? We are better able to treat many orthodontic problems if detected early. Rather than wait until jaw growth has slowed, we prefer to take a proactive approach to correct irregularities early. 

Our orthodontists can guide jaw development by taking advantage of your child's natural growth patterns to make a positive impact. By offering early orthodontic treatment with Invisalign First or braces, we may be able to improve the width of dental arches, improve chewing and swallowing function and help correct unhealthy habits, such as thumbsucking.  

Invisalign First   Braces

What are the Benefits of early orthodontic treatment?

Treating orthodontic issues while your child is young can influence their jaw growth and facial symmetry and reduce the crowding of teeth. It can also eliminate the need for tooth extractions, oral surgery, and orthodontic treatment later in life. Their treatment time with braces later on (if required) may also be reduced. 

What Is Early Intervention?

With early intervention, we can offer orthodontic treatment for children no later than age 7, who may have bite issues, crowded teeth or other problems. 

This is also sometimes referred to as Phase I treatment. Because your child's jaw structure and teeth are still developing at this age, certain orthodontic problems can often be easier to address. 

Our team at myORTHODONTIST is able to develop a customized treatment plan if needed, where Phases I and II are mapped out. By taking these early steps, we may have a greater chance of being able to preserve your child's oral health.

Why Is Early Intervention Important?

Untreated orthodontic issues can become serious and lead to more problems as children mature. By intervening early, our orthodontists at myORTHODONTIST can potentially offer less-invasive treatments and prevent problems from becoming more severe later on. 

  • Why should early treatment be a high priority?

    The Canadian Association of Orthodontists recommends that kids have their first orthodontic evaluation at the age of 7. This is because young children's skeletal structures are malleable as they continue to develop and grow, making it possible to change the trajectory of jaw development, potentially helping to prevent the need for surgery as your child develops. 

  • Can less-invasive treatments make a positive impact?

    Dental decay, mouth breathing and thumbsucking can cause significant orthodontic problems later in life. With Phase I and Phase II treatments, we can often treat these issues early to prevent them from worsening. 

    By addressing other common problems, such as teeth crowding, we can often help eliminate the need for tooth extractions and other invasive procedures as your child grows and jaw structure becomes less malleable. 

  • What does a treatment plan involve and how long will it last?

    Treatment can begin when your child still has baby teeth. During the first phase of treatment (which typically lasts up to 9 months), your child will wear a retainer until their permanent teeth emerge. 

    After their permanent teeth have erupted, we can identify whether Phase II Treatment is needed. 

    The majority of children will need a second phase of treatment. However, this phase can be considerably shorter and less invasive if progress is made during early Phase I treatment. That's why early visits are vital to your child's success! 

The Two-Phase Approach


Treating children between the ages of 5-11 years old, by focusing on preventative treatment, allows us to use a child’s natural growth to our advantage.

Phase 1 treatment sets the jaws and structural foundation up for success, which may lead to better facial harmony. 


This is the teenage phase of the patient’s customized Two-Phase treatment plan. This phase is often shorter (6-12 months) and simpler because our Orthodontists have treated the child for their jaw developmental and functionality issues during Phase 1.

The teenage phase is where we now focus on the fine details of the smile and bite by using either braces or Invisalign ®.

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Mouthguards may help protect your child’s teeth and soft tissues from potential injury or damage. Custom fit athletic mouthguards are designed to help protect their smile so they can play with peace of mind. 

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