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Related Conditions & Behaviours

Concerned about your child's snoring, speech issues or eating problems? These may be related to airway or orthodontic issues. Ask our orthodontic specialists at My ORTHODONTIST how we can help.

Early Assessment Can Help

Airway or orthodontic issues are increasingly being linked to behaviour issues and problem conditions in young children. Early assessment can help provide solutions.

What kinds of things are we talking about?

There are, of course, the obvious common treatable conditions that you, as a parent, may notice. You may even have it in your mind that your child will eventually need braces when he or she is a teen.

However, other issues like sleep talking, under-eye bags, behavioural problems at school, and bedwetting can all be rooted in orthodontic issues.

Blocked airways and breathing problems that result from jaw and teeth misalignments can affect your child's sleep, and, in tandem, their overall health.

This is where our approach to early orthodontic intervention can help.

If your child is displaying any of the behaviours or conditions outlined here, talk to us. A trip to the orthodontist for an assessment may be in order!

  • Airway obstruction can have a significant negative impact on your child's quality of life. When we can identify and treat it early, we may be able to improve outcomes for oral and general health over your child's lifetime.
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