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Undereye Bags in Children: Causes & Treatments

Posted in Airway, General, Related Conditions

Have you noticed that your child has developed dark circles or bags under their eyes? It may surprise you to learn that a lack of oxygen during sleep could be the cause, and that orthodontic treatment might help.

Why do children get bags (dark circles) under their eyes?

Just like adults, children can suffer from snoring or sleep apnea as a result of airway blockages. These blockages can come about from allergies, enlarged lymph nodes (adenoids), and in some cases, orthodontic misalignments.

Any of these issues might cause your child to suffer from a lack of oxygen during sleep, and disrupted sleep, which in turn can result in bags and/or dark circles under the eyes (also sometimes called 'panda eyes').

How Can Orthodontics Help?

An orthodontic treatment plan can be designed to help develop and sustain the best airway health possible for your child. Via orthodontics, the airways can be enlarged and modified to enhance your child's breathing ability and in turn, diminish the appearance of dark undereye circles (not to mention a range of other conditions and behavioural problems). 

If your child had dark undereye circles, seek an assessment with an orthodontist to determine if orthodontic treatment might be able to treat the underlying cause.

If your child had bags under their eyes, we may be able to help. Get in touch.

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