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Bed Wetting & Orthodontic Issues

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Bedwetting is a common urological disorder among school-aged children, but did you know this may be caused by an underlying orthodontic issue? Our BC orthodontists explain how this may be the case, and how we might be able to help.

How can bedwetting and orthodontic issues be linked?

It's common for school-aged children and their parents to deal with bedwetting. While this can be embarrassing for kids and somewhat concerning for parents, what they may not know is that bedwetting can sometimes be linked to orthodontic issues. 

Children with a jaw or airways that are small or abnormally positioned may be more likely to experience bedwetting. Other causes include genetics, having a smaller bladder capacity, kidneys that produce more urine at night, or being a deep sleeper. Airway issues and breathing problems may also be the culprit. 

A child with a bedwetting problem sometimes sees a GP first who will may prescribe a combination of treatments that can range from psychological to changes in lifestyle or medications. If this does not prove effective, they may be referred to an orthodontist. 

How Can Orthodontics Help?

Your orthodontist can offer tips and advice on how to manage bedwetting. We recommend that parents schedule an initial orthodontic assessment for their child no later than 7 years old, while your child's jaws are still developing and malleable. During the assessment, we can determine whether airway issues such as airway constriction or breathing-related problems might be causing the bedwetting. Common signs of airway issues include an abnormally sized tongue, tonsils that are out of position, or lip tie. 

With early orthodontic treatment, we're able to guide growth and development of the face and jaw. Treatment goals often include expansion of the palate and dental alveolar area, and intercepting potential negative development before it occurs. 

When orthodontic issues are treated early, related conditions and health problems may improve, and any orthodontic treatment needed later can often be less invasive. Plus, oral conditions that would have developed and caused other health problems do not become  as serious as they might have otherwise.

If your child wets their bed, we may be able to help. Get in touch.

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