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How Focusing on the "Little Things" Can Change a Child's Orthodontic Treatment Experience

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You may understand the basics around children's dental health and the need for dental orthodontics treatment for kids, but what can you expect when you get started, and how can our orthodontists and teams in BC help increase the chance that your child's experience is a positive one? We'll discuss this in today's post. 

Dental Orthodontics Treatment for Kids: Getting Started 

Is your child starting orthodontic treatment? If so, you've got a lot of information to take in, some of which may be brand new to you. 

At My ORTHODONTIST, we understand that each patient - and their needs and concerns - are unique to them. Your and your child's comfort are our top priority, and we're here to guide you through the orthodontic care process and share what you can expect as you get started, and along the way.

Sometimes families need to take those first few steps slower - and sometimes they want to get going right away. Whatever your requirements, we are happy to discuss and find a way to meet them.

Before meeting your child, we'll meet with you once or twice to address any preliminary questions you may have, and begin to build a strong partnership so you'll feel comfortable trusting us with your child's orthodontic care. 

During your child's first appointment, we'll get to know your child and his or her needs. If you or your child are feeling overwhelmed or stressed, we'll take a break or help you distract your child until they're feeling calmer (we've been doing this for a number of years and have lots of helpful strategies to try!). 

When it comes to dental orthodontics treatment for kids, we take a holistic approach to their care. That means we believe aspects such as your child's lifestyle, unique needs, personality and much more need to be considered. 

Our team will design a custom treatment plan for your child and be with you every step of the way to address any concerns you might have throughout the duration of your child's orthodontic treatment.  

Orthodontic Treatment: What It Is & How We Can Help

Our orthodontic teams in BC believe everyone deserves a healthy smile. At our practice, we assess growth patterns, airway issues and dento-facial balance to learn whether your child can benefit from treatment. 

Many people, from children to teens and adults, undergo orthodontic treatment to straighten their teeth so they'll look and function better. Treatment can also promote improved health and well-being. 

Dental orthodontics treatment for kids can involve wearing a custom-made orthodontic appliance such as a palatal expander, braces, or Invisalign clear aligners depending on your child's orthodontic issue, their age, lifestyle, health condition and requirements. 

With our non-invasive 2-phase approach to treating orthodontic issues in children and teens, we're able to diagnose and treat issues early, potentially guide jaw growth and align teens' smiles by taking a more traditional orthodontic approach in later years, once the jaw has fully developed and adult teeth are in place. 

At the end of your child's early orthodontic assessment, preventative treatment may be recommended to correct your child's issue and help minimize the need for surgery or extractions in the years to come.   

Small Elements Can Help Foster a Smoother Orthodontic Experience

No matter which My ORTHODONTIST location in BC, we aim to help ensure your child's orthodontic treatment accomplishes the goals set at the beginning of the process, and that the experience is a positive one. 

While correctly diagnosing your child's orthodontic issue and recommending the appropriate treatment option(s) are critical, we also understand the small things - such as offering flexible hours and appointment reminders - make a difference and can help you and your child manage the process. 

You'll also have a Treatment Coordinator to schedule your future appointments and discuss your ideal payment plan and other financial arrangements. This can help you determine how to work your child's orthodontic treatment into your budget. 

How to Not Be Scared of the Orthodontist or Dentist

It's normal for children to experience some anxiety or apprehension about seeing a dentist or orthodontist. They may ask, 'Why am I scared of the dentist/orthodontist?' 

After all, they'll be meeting a team of new people, including an orthodontist who will be examining their smile, potentially with equipment they've never seen or heard of. They may wonder if orthodontic treatment will hurt. 

We're here to address any nervousness or anxiety you or your child may have about meeting our team - or the treatment itself. 

Our team has a variety of tools to demystify the orthodontic experience and perhaps make it not-so-scary, including explaining every step of the assessment and what we'll be doing in your child's mouth. We can show them each piece of equipment to be used and what it does. Plus, we are committed to taking breaks if your child is feeling overwhelmed during their visit. 

Do you have questions about getting started with your child's orthodontic treatment? Contact our BC orthodontists for a consultation to find out how we can help.

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