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Does it really matter where I get my Invisalign?

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Wondering where to get Invisalign clear aligners — and whether it matters who you go to for treatment? Our BC orthodontists list factors to consider and how treatment planning helps patients.  

Invisalign Treatment: Why it Matters Where To Get Invisalign?

Many teens and adults aiming for a straighter smile come to My ORTHODONTIST for an orthodontic assessment to learn how they can correct their orthodontic issue. 

If you have misaligned teeth, airway problems or other orthodontic challenges, your orthodontist may recommend Invisalign to help resolve them. These clear aligners may also be used as an option for other conditions such as sleep apnea. 

Clear aligners are an alternative to traditional braces, and you won't need to wear brackets or wires, or be concerned about avoiding certain foods or drinks during your treatment. 

You may be wondering if Invisalign clear aligners are manufactured by the same company no matter where you go for treatment, why you may want to consider choosing our orthodontists in BC to develop your custom treatment plan and guide you through treatment. We'll answer that question in this post. 

1. An accurate diagnosis and custom treatment plan are key to resolving your issue. 

Your orthodontist can assess your specific orthodontic issue to make a proper diagnosis and determine whether Invisalign is an option for you, as some orthodontic problems require braces to correct. 

Keep in mind that Invisalign clear aligners are one option among many designed to treat orthodontic issues.

Whether you'll accomplish your treatment goals will be influenced by these factors:

  • An accurate diagnosis 
  • Aligners that are designed to your orthodontist's specifications
  • A custom treatment plan that fits your needs
  • Your compliance with your treatment plan (wearing your aligners for 22 hours each day)

Your orthodontist can also provide advice and guidance during your treatment, address any questions or concerns you may have and make any necessary adjustments to your plan. 

2. Invisalign manufactures clear aligners, while your orthodontist can design your treatment process.

While all Invisalign clear aligners are produced with the same manufacturing process and use precise forces to move teeth into their pre-determined positions, the company that manufactures these aligners does not provide diagnosis or treatment plans. 

The company follows the instructions outlined by your orthodontist to produce aligners designed to help you reach your intended treatment outcomes. 

After assessing your specific orthodontic issue, making a diagnosis and perhaps recommending Invisalign, your orthodontist will use our iTero digital intraoral scanner to capture a 3D impression of your bite, adjust your Invisalign treatment in real-time, map your treatment timeline and show you what the results of your treatment may look like. With your orthodontist's work, you'll know exactly how much your teeth will move with each new set of aligners.

Your scans are then used to create your custom clear aligners, which are then sent back to your dentist. While any dental professional can order a set of clear aligners, your orthodontist will know how to diagnose your case and plan your orthodontic treatment. 

3. Your BC orthodontist makes decisions based on your needs and circumstances. 

If you're considering Invisalign for your orthodontic treatment, you might scour the Internet looking for the "best place to get Invisalign". Fair enough - you want to know you're getting the best treatment and the best value. 

But the "best place" is subjective - what's important is that your orthodontist listens to your concerns, addresses questions, and accurately assesses your orthodontic issue so the correct diagnosis can be made. The orthodontist will be able to tell you how your crowding, spacing or other issues can be resolved, how your bite could be affected and how your smile may change with treatment. 

At My ORTHODONTIST, we also aim to establish an overall balance for dentofacial health, and support proper functioning the jaw joints and facial muscles. Our orthodontists will be happy to assess you, your teen or child and address any questions and concerns you may have. 

4. Orthodontists are dentists with 2 to 3 more years of training in aligning teeth. 

An important part of the treatment process on the orthodontist's end is to determine the exact forces that will be needed to shift your teeth.

While a general dentist may be able to learn how to move teeth, orthodontists understand the physics and biology needed to help you reach your orthodontic treatment goals. We're also aware of how to develop a realistic treatment timeline that can help you accomplish those goals while safely moving your teeth. 

In some cases, we'll need to use attachments with your clear aligners to create the desired forces to apply the necessary pressure to your teeth during certain points of your treatment.

We may also consider interproximal reduction (a technique that involves removing up to 0.5 mm if tooth enamel from the sides of teeth to create space for tooth alignment) and other factors that can negatively affect bone and gum tissue while wearing clear aligners. 

Since these factors can affect treatment outcomes, you want to be sure you're comfortable with your choice of orthodontic professional when it comes to starting your treatment with clear aligners. 

Does Invisalign cost the same everywhere?

There are a few factors you might consider when looking for the right orthodontist to provide your Invisalign treatment, and cost may be one of them. The price of your Invisalign treatment will vary depending on a handful of factors, including:

  • Your geographical location
  • The severity of your orthodontic issue 
  • The duration of your treatment plan 
  • The amount covered by your health insurance
  • Your orthodontist's experience

Invisalign Treatment at My ORTHODONTIST

Our team of orthodontists believes in offering orthodontic solutions for whole-body well-being. That means we can establish an overall balance for dento-facial health, help improve airway issues and set goals for helping you build personal confidence with a straighter smile. 

When you come in for your first orthodontic consultation, our BC will conduct a smile assessment to determine whether Invisalign treatment is right for you, then develop a personalized treatment plan with timelines to fit your needs.

We also offer Invisalign treatment for teens and young children. Invisalign can often be incorporated in Phase 1 treatment for children, with a focus on guiding jaw development and preventing the necessity for more invasive treatment later in life. 

Do you have questions about Invisalign clear aligners from My ORTHODONTIST? Contact our BC orthodontists to learn more or schedule an assessment with our orthodontic specialists.

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