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Can I Start Orthodontic Treatment While Pregnant?

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With more and more adults taking advantage of orthodontic treatment, some women may find themselves wondering 'Can I get braces while pregnant?' In today's post, our BC orthodontists discuss what you should know about clear aligners and braces during pregnancy.

Braces During Pregnancy: Receiving Ortho Treatment

If you are pregnant and looking to start or continue orthodontic treatment, there is no reason to be hesitant. We're happy to inform you that having clear aligners or braces is perfectly safe for both you and your baby.

After you've had your baby, you will likely have less time available to make it in for appointments. This is why undergoing treatment while you are pregnant may be a better option than waiting until after your child is born.

How Being Pregnant Impacts Your Teeth

People don't often think about how being pregnant can affect your teeth and mouth, but it can play a significant role. Even if you have not had any trouble with your teeth before pregnancy, you are likely to notice some changes regarding your teeth and gums.

Pregnancy causes some women to experience inflammation of the gums. Due to this swelling, you may notice a dental phenomenon known as pregnancy tumours. This is nothing malignant or something to worry about. It is just temporary excessive swelling that occurs between the teeth.

Hormones during pregnancy can also lead to your teeth becoming a bit loose. Your teeth will. not be at risk of falling out, and you don't have to worry about this being permanent. Your teeth should anchor back into place shortly after your child is born, but your orthodontist needs to consider these changes when creating your treatment plan. That's why it is important to tell your orthodontist that you are pregnant right away.

Because of these minor changes to your teeth and gums, you may require more frequent visits to your orthodontist. The average patient will see their orthodontist around every eight weeks or so, but pregnant patients may require a visit every five or six weeks.

Common Concerns Pregnant Women May Have

If you are considering orthodontic treatment while you're pregnant, you will of course want to ensure that the entire process is completely safe for your child. To help put your mind at ease, our BC orthodontists have shared a few questions and concerns that are often brought up by pregnant patients.

Are dental X-rays safe while I'm pregnant?

It is always ideal to reduce or avoid exposure to even small amounts of radiation while you are pregnant. To further reduce any possible risk, orthodontists have a protective shield that can be placed over your abdominal region to make sure your baby is not exposed to any radiation from the imaging.

How will my oral hygiene be affected?

Maintaining proper oral hygiene during orthodontic treatment is always extremely important, but this is even more crucial if you are pregnant. Your orthodontist will advise you on how to care for your braces, remove any bacteria or food particles, and keep your gums healthy.

An unfortunate effect that women often suffer from during early pregnancy is morning sickness. Vomiting exposes your teeth to acid that is powerful enough to destroy metal, so it can certainly erode your teeth. If you experience vomiting during your pregnancy, you must rinse and brush your teeth immediately following the episode.

Will orthodontic treatment be more painful if I'm pregnant?

Unfortunately, pregnant patients may experience slightly more discomfort in braces than the average person. This is caused by the increased nerve sensitivity that pregnancy causes, in addition to the increased inflammation of the gums. This is not guaranteed to happen to everyone, but it is better to know upfront that it’s a possibility.

Braces & Pregnancy

If you are still unsure and wondering 'Can you get braces while pregnant?', our team at would like to reassure you that there is no reason to put off orthodontic treatment due to pregnancy.

However, pregnancy is such a huge part of a woman's life, so we would be more than happy to answer any questions you still have regarding the process and how safe it is for your baby. If you are still hesitant, there is no shame in doing what you think is best for your baby and waiting until after your child is born to begin treatment.

Have you been considering orthodontic treatment but are unsure due to your pregnancy? Contact our BC orthodontists to schedule a consultation. We would be happy to address any concerns you have and help you get your ideal smile!

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