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Fun Healthy Habits

To support a FUN - MOTIVATED - POSITIVE EXPERIENCE, the myORTHODONTIST team is dedicated to helping you stay on track with treatment!

Why are healthy habits important?

To achieve your best orthodontic treatment results, we must work together. While your orthodontist and support team will work hard to make sure your treatment is a success, your own contribution matters just as much to the outcome.

At each visit, we will talk about what healthy habits you’ve been practicing. We’re excited to hear how you take all the important steps necessary to keep your treatment on track, and for just being your best self!

Here are some ways you can build healthy habits, and some things you can talk to us about when you come in:

  • Excellent oral hygiene
  • Being on time for your appointments
  • Seeing your dentist for a cleaning
  • Doing well in school (with bonus points for each “A”)
  • Having an appointment on your birthday
  • And lots more!

Healthy Habits for Orthodontics

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